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Show me the ROI: How Data Teams can Track Google Ads Offline Conversions

About this event

Empower your performance marketing teams with the data to automate and optimize ad campaigns. Google Ads enables you to optimize bidding towards target conversion events, but your most valuable conversion events don’t always live where a front-end web pixel can track them. Google Ads Offline Conversions gives you a way to optimize your marketing spend to the conversion events that really matter.

Are these familiar? 🤔

  • Which ad campaigns are driving our most valuable leads?
  • Which ads attract free users that are most likely to convert to our paid product?
  • Which ads bring customers that actually attend the service they booked?
  • How do we acquire more of these valuable prospective customers?

These are the types of questions your data team gets asked every week.

In this session, Jeff will explain how Offline Conversions can answer these questions, and how to use Census to enable offline conversion tracking in Google Ads. 💰

What you'll learn

How to

  1. Use Google Ads Offline Conversions to improve the ROI of your ad spend
  2. Configure Google Ads Offline Conversions
  3. Use a free reverse-ETL like Census to continuously sync offline conversions to Google Ads

What are you waiting for? it's free, and if you don't show up, you will still get the recording & all of the associated content 😎

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jeff Sloan

    Jeff Sloan is a data and product leader with a soft spot for analytics engineering, remote work, and cooking with sumac. He's also a Customer Data Architect at Census.


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