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[Select Stars Show & Tell] Spreedly saves 1 hour a day with Looker + Census

About this event

The first in our Select Stars customer story series is Michael Johnston, Director of Business Analytics at Spreedly!

Michael will share his learnings from setting up the data stack at Spreedly, why he chose Census + Looker, and how his marketing ops team nurtures and moves customers along the product funnel with real-time personalized outreach.

He's joined by Donny Flynn, Customer Data Architect at Census & former head of data, and Jesse Sherb, Enterprise Customer Engineer at Looker (now Google Cloud).

You'll learn how to:

  • Operationalize your warehouse data for marketing personalization and Product-Led Growth
  • Use Looker "Looks" as models in Census for quicker data turnaround and faster experimentation
  • Calculate Return on Analytics (ROA) and measure the data team's impact on the business

This event is for 👉 data teams, marketing teams, business ops teams, and data practitioners who want to do more and make the most of their data ecosystem, maximize the impact of their business operational tools, and drive better business and customer outcomes.

About Spreedly: Spreedly is the first Payments Orchestration Platform that helps digital businesses build best-in-market payment systems by connecting to multiple payment services. See more at https://www.spreedly.com/

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Johnston Director of Business Analytics @ Spreedly

  • Team member
    Donny Flynn Customer Data Architect @ Census

    Previously Head of Data @ Owner.com and Chiper

  • Guest speaker
    Jesse Sherb Enterprise Customer Engineer @ Looker


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