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Center for an Urban Future invites you to their webinar

Relaunching NYC’s Economy: What Industries Are Poised to Lead the Recovery?

About this webinar

In recent months, New York’s economic development officials have focused attention and resources on ensuring that the city’s existing businesses are able to survive the worst of this economic crisis. But city and state officials will soon need to begin nurturing industries that have significant potential for future job growth—and are poised to lead the city's economic recovery. This forum will explore what comes next for New York’s economy and examine the most promising opportunities to regain strength. Panelists will discuss which industries are best positioned for growth coming out of the pandemic, what local economic development officials can do to make sure New York captures a significant share of the job creation in those sectors, how to ensure that New York doesn’t lose ground in promising industries, and how best to harness the city’s economic assets to spark an inclusive and lasting economic recovery. 

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Margaret Anadu, Head of Urban Investment Group, Goldman Sachs
  • Dan Doctoroff, Chairman & CEO, Sidewalk Labs; former NYC Deputy Mayor for Economic Development
  • Jelena Kovačević, Dean, NYU Tandon School of Engineering  
  • Winston Fisher, Partner, Fisher Brothers; Co-Chair, NYC Regional Economic Development Council; CEO, AREA15 
  • Derek Thompson, Staff Writer, The Atlantic

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
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    Dean Jelena Kovačević, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

  • Guest speaker
    MC G
    Margaret Anadu, CUF Board

  • Guest speaker
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    Dan Doctoroff, Sidewalk Labs

  • Guest speaker
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    Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

  • Guest speaker
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    Winston Fisher, Fisher Brothers; AREA15 Fisher Brothers; AREA15

Center for an Urban Future

Center for an Urban Future is a catalyst for smart and sustainable policies that reduce inequality, increase economic mobility, and grow the economy in NYC.