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Explore personality types with the new AVATAR assessment

About this event

Exploring the underlying, natural tendencies of personality, this new assessment helps us to understand more about why an individual holds certain traits. With uses ranging from onboarding to self-development, this typological personality tool enables a deeper understanding of the diverse range of similarities and differences between individuals.

Emphasising the measurement of types rather than personality traits, this assessment offers a different kind of personality evaluation.

Discover Central Test’s new personality assessment - AVATAR during our webinar on Thursday, April 29, at 11:00 am CET.

  • discover the way your employees express their personality through their preferences, work styles, communication modes, learning or leadership.
  • how to explore the major personality types to better reveal the interaction mode and the potential of your teams.
  • how to use AVATAR for skills development - via a practical case study

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    Polly Hodgkin S&I Manager and UK Branch Manager @ Central Test

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    Diksha Unni Assistant R&D Manager & Senior Consultant @ Central Test

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