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Central Test invites you to their webinar

How to use psychometric assessments in recruitment

About this webinar

The benefits of using psychometric assessments in recruitment are well established: it has shown to improve recruitment outcomes by 24%, cut recruitment cost by up to 40% and increase hiring managers' satisfaction by 47%.

But how can companies actually integrate the right assessments in their recruitment process? Which psychometric assessments should they use for the different job positions?

This webinar will address this challenge by giving HR professionals a better understanding on the use of psychometric assessments and sharing information on tools that enable the selection of individuals that best match the job role and work environment.

You will learn:

  • How to choose the right psychometric assessments for various job profiles
  • How to combine complementary assessments with the multi-criteria approach for a more secure and predictive analysis
  • How to concretely implement the chosen assessments in your recruitment process : a case study.

Central Test

Central Test is a leading expert in psychometric online assessments solutions enabling organisations to accurately identify an individual’s personality, abilities and motivations by delivering valuable insights into their behaviour and potential to succeed on the job.