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Withstanding the great resignation via a skills-based development path

About this event

The Great Resignation, where a record number of employees leave their jobs post the COVID-19 pandemic, is a phenomenon that organisations must undoubtedly steer; and organisations can counter the effects of this unprecedented wave of departures by evaluating or reevaluating their employees from a career development perspective.

Central Test, in collaboration with Pravarra, is bringing to you a webinar that uncovers what it means for organisations and their people to navigate this unprecedented phenomenon, and why culture and care are crucial components in these times. We will also delve into the route to take so that employees find meaning through their work via a skills-based approach to development.

Join us on 30 June at 11:30 CET/ 3:00 pm IST to hear from our panel on : 

  • What the Great Resignation has to offer in terms of learning for organisations and individuals
  • The need for a career development perspective and its challenges for organisations and individuals
  • The 2 “Cs” - Culture and Care - that lay the course for development
  • Why adopt a skills-based approach to shape a purpose-oriented ethos

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    Diksha Unni Assistant R&D Manager & Senior Consultant @ Central Test

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