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The Precision Farming Connection (sessions 1 and 2)

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... The Precision Farming Connection (sessions 1 and 2)

  • April 8th ... 2021 (14.00 UK Time - BST)

A large percentage of the world's farmland lacks reliable cellular or fibre connectivity, at a time when precision and digitalised automated farming is dependent on it. In addition, Earth Observation satellites, using space imagery for crop monitoring, animal tracking and more, together with connected devices, machinery and operations teams in the field, are feeding significant data volumes into IoT networks... and from there to operations centres for analysis.

The Connected Farm virtual conference programme is concerned with the on-farm IoT networks, Earth Observation use-cases and the hybrid Space + Terrestrial networks solutions needed to connect even the most remotely located farming operations.

Produced by: Paul Stahl, Executive, c21Virtual

Moderated by: Prateep Basu, CEO, SatSure

  • Session 1: 14:00 - 15:30

... It’s Not About the Technology

David Burr, VP Business Development, Satellite Operators and Mobility, Comtech EF Data

“Too often our industry starts with the technology, rather than the customer”. David’s presentation draws on practical experience of the Connected Farm Network and will examine a Brazilian case study… from the customers’ needs and motivations.

... Precision Agriculture and How Satellite IoT Plays a Critical Role

Suzanne Palmini, Director Satellite Solution Sales, Speedcast

Over the next decade, existing connectivity technologies will evolve, and new ones will emerge. Connectivity will be key to enabling IoT tools for transforming the agriculture industry, with applications ranging from smart-crop monitoring, drone farming, smart-livestock monitoring, autonomous-farming machinery, as well as accessing IoT platforms with data analytics needed for prescriptive maintenance and equipment management. This presentation will discuss how satellite connectivity – from traditional to emerging new LEO constellations – can provide mission-critical services and enable IoT tools for automation and digitalization that farmers need to increase productivity, improve health and safety measures, and unlock new business value.

... Leveraging SatIoT for Agriculture and Livestock

Fabien Jordan, Founder and CEO, Astrocast

Keeping track of livestock on an open range or crops in faraway fields is challenging. These are critical assets and companies need detailed information about their health. Unfortunately, connectivity in remote areas is rare. Knowing when it’s time to call your cattle in or when a silo is getting low, helps make important decisions that keep business running smoothly. SatIoT delivers a unique service specifically designed for tracking, monitoring and communicating with assets in remote regions. Fabien Jordan CEO of Astrocast will discuss how SatIoT can deliver a cost-effective way to keep remote assets close to headquarters.

... Leveraging SatIoT for Agriculture and Livestock

Zara Khan, Director Business Development, Planet

Planet's presentation will be referencing a number of use case scenarios within the precision farming framework, including Soil Preparation, Selective Seeding, Crop Health Monitoring, Issue Detection and Alerting, Directed Scouting, Localised Prescription Treatments, Harvest Planning and Management, Productivity Analysis and Management Zone Delineation.

  • Session 2: 15:30 - 17:00

... Unlock the Full Potential with Satellite IoT

Jean-Michel Rouylou, Head of Enterprise and Broadband, ST Engineering iDirect

IoT-enabled farming is becoming more technology and connectivity driven. Yet the geographic scale of farming limits the use of many terrestrial and wireless connectivity options, so satellite connectivity in many cases is key to spurring an array of use cases for precision farming. Service providers that want to build a new IoT service offering spanning all use cases from low, medium and high data rates require a highly efficient, cost-effective solution and in many cases flexible business models as they are entering this market for the first time. That’s why at ST Engineering iDirect we have launched flexible IoT Solutions to supplement our highly successful platforms and to ease the entry of service providers into the IoT market.

... Tech Livestock: the New Era

Jaume Sanpera, Founder and CEO, Sateliot

Sateliot is the first Satellite Telecommunications Operator that provides full coverage IoT connectivity in NB- IoT standard (4G/5G) based on a LEO constellation of Nano satellites working as cell towers from space. The focus of this presentation will be - A new era has come: How IoT will act as the catalyst for the livestock industry the improve the cattle heads life conditions. Technology, efficiency and sustainability, the brand-new way.

... How to Easily, Remotely Monitor your Farm with Hiber's IoT Solutions

... Agriculture 4.0

Dinesh Singh, Group Leader, Digital Farming Initiative (Fisheries and Livestock), Tata Consultancy Services

Referencing the "Agriculture 4.0 – The Future of Farming Technology", launched by the World Government Summit in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, for the 2018 edition of the international event, Dinesh will be focusing on the Digital Age and its Forces, Challenges of Agriculture, Agriculture 4.0 Core, Agriculture 4.0 Services, the Startups Ecosystem and the Challenges and Success Mantra.

... Remote Sensing for Crop Monitoring

Dr. Ramin Azar, CEO, Planetary Remote Sensing Inc.

Precision agriculture using remote sensing technology provides farmers with scientific and applied methodologies to monitor fields and project the future of their harvest. PRS offers services to agricultural industries in crop mapping, yield estimation, and nutrition and fertilizer implementation. Dr. Azar will be speaking about crop monitoring, using optical and SAR data fusion, ERMES a European Project for Rice yield estimation and how crop yield estimation translates into food security.

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  • Guest speaker
    Zara Khan Director Business Development @ Planet

    Zara focuses on identifying commercial opportunities and managing strategic partnerships to support Planet’s agriculture portfolio. She brings more than 10 years of experience working across both public and private sectors in agriculture enabling access to finance and emerging technologies.

  • Team member
    Paul Stahl C21@C21-virtual.Com Executive @ c21-virtual

  • Guest speaker
    Coen Janssen Co-Founder @ Hiber

    Hiber aims to take a leading position in the global Internet of Things (IoT) market for rural, remote and network independent applications. According to Machina research the global IoT market is estimated to grow to $1.6 trillion by 2027.

  • Guest speaker
    Suzanne Palmini Director Satellite Solution Sales @ Speedcast

    Suzanne has experience working with several major satellite network operators in the United States. Suzanne has spent the last three years focused on Satellite IoT, helping Tier 1 Carriers and Fortune 500 companies extend connectivity beyond traditional terrestrial networks.

  • Guest speaker
    Fabien Jordan Founder and CEO @ Astrocast

    Astrocast SA is committed to providing the most advanced SatIoT Service for Agricultural and Livestock companies looking to track, monitor, manage, and communicate with assets in remote regions of the world.

  • Guest speaker
    Mark LaPenna Founder and CEO @ xenesis

    Xenesis provides Optical Communications as a Service is here, through it's "Xen-Link" solution, which delivers dedicated mission-specific space & ground segments, fully integrated with your mission and business objectives. We do this with near zero capital expense from you, the Customer.

  • Guest speaker
    Prateep Basu CEO @ SatSure

    Entrepreneur | Aerospace Engineer | Business Strategy | TEDx Speaker | Ecosystem Builder | Problem Solver | Data Science enthusiast | Mentor to early-stage Startups

  • Guest speaker
    Ramin Azar CEO @ Planetary Remote Sensing

    Ramin holds a PhD degree in Remote Sensing from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He is an RS & GIS specialist with more than 10 years of experience in remote Sensing and more than 15 years in GIS. Before starting his own company he worked for National Research Center of Italy as research scientist.

  • Guest speaker
    Jaume Sanpera Founder and CEO @ Sateliot

  • Guest speaker
    David Burr VP, Business Dev

  • Guest speaker
    Dinesh Singh Group Leader, Digital Farming Initiative (Fisheries and Livestock) @ Tata Consultancy Services

    Dinesh is part of the TCS Digital Farming Initiative (mKRISHI®) in TCS Research and Innovation, currently leading the Digitalization of the Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture sector.

  • Guest speaker
    Jean-Michel Rouylou Head Of Enterprise & Broadband @ ST Engineering iDirect


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