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The State of Craft - Episode 12, Featuring Dan Sutton of Tantalus Labs

About this event

The State of Craft is a bi-weekly live conversation discussing the state of the legal craft cannabis industry presented by CertiCraft

The craft cannabis industry is made up of cultivators and producers who are dedicated to the quality of their product, the purity of the method, and a genuine love for the plant. These are the roots that grow what we at CertiCraft consider some of the best cannabis in the world.

That's why we are excited to introduce our next guest, Dan Sutton of Tantalus Labs, an individual at the forefront of Canadian craft cannabis. Since exploding onto the scene, Tantalus Labs have done things differently. They are committed to utilizing the power of the sun and Dan has even given a TED talk arguing that sun-grown is the only sustainable path forward for our industry. Located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, their team spent 4 years designing a unique, built-to-measure greenhouse. Using pure, triple-filtered rainwater captured on site, Tantalus Labs epitomizes sustainability and small-batch, high quality cannabis.

For Episode 12, CertiCraft is proud to be joined by:

Dan Sutton, CEO Tantalus Labs

Dan Sutton is the guy who removes obstacles so his growers can grow, his sellers can sell, and his team can do their best work. He is in year 9 of his journey in the cannabis industry, and he loves systems, creative problem solving, and the cannabis plant above all. Dan was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and founded Tantalus in 2012 after a career background in tech and finance. He loves politicking cannabis, and has historically recommended >40 amendments to streamline and evolve cannabis cultivation regs, many of which were implemented by Health Canada and other regulators. He and his team contributed substantially to the recognition of cannabis as an agricultural crop regulated under normal farm practices by the Agricultural Land Commission in British Columbia in 2019. Dan aspires to the growth of a Canadian cannabis industry where even the smallest cannabis firms can thrive and contribute to their local economy.


What is The State of Craft?

The State of Craft is a webinar series focused on the legal craft cannabis industry.

The rollout of cannabis legalization in Canada has been full of ups and downs. The craft cannabis industry in particular has been immensely affected by a myriad of challenges and missteps in the years following the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

In The State of Craft, Sami Majadla, CEO of CertiCraft, facilitates conversations with leaders in the legal craft cannabis industry to explore what is going well and what is going not-so-well. We'll discuss what can realistically be changed at different levels of government and industry alike to address major issues the craft cannabis sector is facing, and hopefully inspire stimulating ideas of all sorts. Every episode will end with a 15 min live Q&A with our audience.


What is CertiCraft?

CertiCraft is a compliance software system that helps small-to-medium licensed cannabis producers stay on top of their regulatory requirements. The platform has a focus on ease of use, minimal training time (<15 mins), and incredible time savings. Find out more at certicraft.com.

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  • Guest speaker
    Dan Sutton CEO @ Tantalus Labs

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    Sami Majadla Founder @ CertiCraft


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CertiCraft is on a mission to help craft cannabis producers transition into and thrive within the new regulated market. Our flagship product is a simple compliance platform.