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Five Qualities Of The Best Freeplay Sports Game Programs AND The Data To Back It Up

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We hear this question all the time:

What separates the GREAT freeplay customer acquisition and retention programs from suboptimal ones?

With 5 years of experience under our belt, we'll share 5 sure-fire characteristics of what you can do to make sure your freeplay campaigns build and engage sports fans.

AND: at the behest of our new Director of Growth, Jonathan, we'll be sharing data points to support each best practice.

Come join us for a lively discussion about what works, what to avoid and how to get started with freeplay. It'll be the best 30-minutes of your day!

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    Daniel Kustelski CEO Co-Founder @ Chalkline Sports

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Chalkline is North America's leading provider of freeplay prediction games. Used by leading casinos, affiliates and media to acquire, engage and retain sports betting and iGaming customers.