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Chalkline Sports invites you to their webinar

The Chalkline Developer Platform: Three Case Studies

About this webinar

Chalkline launched the BettorGames Developer Platform on May 17, 2019.

The platform provides a simple, flexible platform for scalable, personalized sports betting games: freeplay, insured and real money.

BettorGames is fully integrated with major odds providers, betting providers, insurance, CRMs and more.

Three of our clients have built exceptional games atop our platform:

* Lottostar: customizable real money games with permutations and a host of options.

* Ligibet: simple, real money lotto-style games.

* Barstool Sports: freeplay live-in-play games custom-built for the US sports bettor.

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    Daniel Kustelski CEO Co-Founder @ Chalkline Sports

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    Jason Foster

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