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Understand the Algorithms and Optimise Your Content - YouTube Workshop Victoria

About this event

Not getting the YouTube views and growth you want? 🤔

🔥 Break through the guessing and understand how the YouTube algorithms actually work.

🔥 Find out how to work with the algorithms to grow your channel.

🔥 Learn how to get more views with killer thumbnails & titles.

👉 Plus learn directly from the creators behind the channel Behind The Bar. They'll share how their tips & tricks to go from 0 subs to a current growth rate of 500 subs a day!

Presented in collab with YouTube, this event will be jam-packed with world-leading YouTube knowledge and pro tips, with insights developed from working with successful creators all over the world and collaborating with the best minds in online video.

Changer is shaping the future of short-form video content. We've helped grow some of the world's biggest creators including:

We run a series of world-first creator initiatives & collaborate with the best to bring you world-leading insights including:

This event is designed for anyone who has a YouTube channel and wants to grow their channels or those who are interested in YouTube and want to know the inside word.

Log on from 5:45pm with the event starting at 6pm.

Part of Victoria’s Digital Creator Program

An initiative to grow the next generation of YouTube storytellers in Victoria and create a stronger culture of creative entrepreneurship. Find out more about the program here

Our weekly podcast featuring top content creators and experts sharing their stories of success (and failure) offering rare insights on how to build a successful and sustainable career on the biggest video platform on the planet.  

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Cara Devine

    Cocktail maker extraordinaire and host of the YouTube channel, Behind the Bar.

  • Team member
    CC T
    Changer Crew Program Manager @ Changer

    Helping grow the next generation of creators

  • Team member
    CT T
    Changer Team Changer

    Helping grow the next generation of creators.

  • Guest speaker
    Josh Moore

  • Team member
    Farhad Meher-Homji Changer

    Helping grow the next generation of creators.


Changer is shaping the future of short-form video content. Through our work with leading content creators and experts from around the world, Changer has developed unique insights and expertise in this new video space.

​We run a series of world-first creator initiatives, in partnership with YouTube.