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E-commerce Holiday Prep with Messenger

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Holidays give us the opportunity to make sales, but how can we utalize this season to gain subscribers and life long customers as well as improve retargeting? Trying to find ways to increase customers after Cyber Monday and Christmas? Betsy goes over your top hints for optimizing your site for retention, best practices for lead generation, and how to set up retargeting with Messenger.

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    Felix Belau Co-Founder @ Chatchamp

    Felix Belau ist Co-Founder von Chatchamp, der Marketing Software für Lead Generierung durch Facebook Messenger und WhatsApp. Sein Spezialgebiet ist alles Rund ums Thema Marketing in neuen Kanälen wie WhatsApp und Facebook Messenger.



Chatchamp is a marketing software that enables online businesses to use chatbots as their new marketing instrument to generate highly qualified leads at scale. The chatbots can be installed in instant messenger (Facebook, WhatsApp) or on their website.