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Chatchamp invites you to its webinar

Hardest Messenger Marketing Questions [with Betsy & Felix]

About this webinar

There's a lot of chatter about chatbots, but not a lot of clear answers to the questions we get everyday. This week we're joined by digital marketer Betsy Nelson to address top questions on Messenger Marketing.

Questions like:

What is Messenger Marketing?

Are chatbots just spam?

What are the pros and cons of Email verses Messenger?

What are the best campaigns to run in Messenger to engage customers?

and more...

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  • Guest speaker
    Elizabeth Nelson Digital Marketing Manager @ Chatchamp



Chatchamp is a marketing software that enables online businesses to use chatbots as their new marketing instrument to generate highly qualified leads at scale. The chatbots can be installed in instant messenger (Facebook, WhatsApp) or on their website.