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Asset labeling: the next step in keeping track of your valuable equipment

About this event

Keeping track of all your valuable equipment is hard. Our Equipment Management Experts want to share insights on using asset labels.

We will talk about:

  • the benefits that labeling equipment offers,
  • Which items to labels and which you don't need to label,
  • the difference between using QR codes or barcodes
  • the ideal placement of the labels
  • the type of labels and asset tags you can use
  • tips and tricks on printing your own labels (Dymo, zebra, avery sheets)

During our 45 min webinar, we will give you insights on asset labeling from our own experience and from our colleagues.

We will demonstrate how you can easily print your own labels and share some tips and tricks.

At the end, we have our Q&A to give you the possibility to ask questions, and we will provide the answers, live, on the spot.

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    Creatives and makers in your industry need the headspace to focus on what they’re good at, while equipment managers need control and ease of mind. Our software gives them exactly that, eliminating all chaos and distraction. Letting makers make. And letting organizers organize.


CHEQROOM is the #1 equipment management software for makers on the go

CHEQROOM is the #1 equipment software for makers on the go.
It gives you full visibility of your frequently moving expensive equipment, holds users accountable, and provides insight into the usage & condition of all your items.
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