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Booking restrictions: how do schools and universities benefit?

About this event

In this webinar, we’ll dive deeper into our newest released feature called ‘booking restrictions’. Next, we’ll bring you insights from our own customers, showing you how they have used this feature to organize better and talk about the booking process. At last, we’ll explore the benefits of settings some broader restrictions to add in more accountability and security.

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    Aaron Claerhout Customer Success Manager @ CHEQROOM

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    Maëlle Boone Customer Success Manager @ CHEQROOM


CHEQROOM is the #1 equipment management software for makers on the go

CHEQROOM is the #1 equipment software for makers on the go.
It gives you full visibility of your frequently moving expensive equipment, holds users accountable, and provides insight into the usage & condition of all your items.
Wherever you are. Whenever you want.

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