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MDR & GDPR: practical tips and tools for health innovators

About this webinar

Developing eHealth applications and medical software is already hard. But it is about to get much harder. The MDR (Medical Device Regulation) will be enforced from May 2020. In this webinar, we look at the implications of MDR, why GDPR compliance is essential and how all this impacts your project timeline.

The webinar is presented by two experts in this complex field.

Matteo Gubellini is the Co-founder & VP of Regulatory Affairs/Chief Regulatory Officer at SoftComply, a company dedicated to speeding up the MDR certification process by automating regulatory compliance and providing integrations with Jira and Confluence.

Dr. Jovan Stevovic is the Co-founder & CEO of Chino.io, the only platform for storing securely health data that is also certified for MDR. Chino.io gives you GDPR and HIPAA compliance out of the box, and also provides advice on all associated documentation.

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    Toby Moncaster

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    Marion Lepmets CEO @ SoftComply

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Chino.io helps health application developers to develop health apps and medical grade software in compliance with EU GDPR and HIPAA data protection laws, and to manage sensitive data securely.