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E-peas to demonstrate how combination of Energy Harvesting and high performance PMIC enable un precedented 2,5 months operations in the dark with a new EVK!!!

About this event

During this session, Bruno Damien will use the latest e-peas evaluation kit to demonstrate a major advance in performance: thanks to the AEM10300 PMIC, a system powered by a PV cell can survive in the dark for several months while communicating all its environmental  parameters.

At the heart of this revolutionary kit is the e-peas AEM10300 as well as a Dracula Technologies solar cell and NICHICON SLB storage element.

This complete energy  harvesting block is powering multiple sensors as well as an onsemi RSL10 BLE transceiver, whether there is light or not.

Out-of-the-box utilization will allow you to start your own evaluation tests very quickly.

This new EVK will be available by mid-October at Mouser.

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