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Smart Energy in Paris Region

About this webinar

Energy Business Opportunities in France: Decentralization, Digitalization, and Decarbonization

There is no longer any doubt about the economic relevance of investing in the energy transition, and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency recently published a report highlighting the dynamism of 3 main sectors:

- Transport Industry: the total revenue contributing to the energy transition reached 33.5 billion euros in 2017

- Construction Industry: energy-efficient building renovation recorded a sharp increase with a total revenue of 31 billion euros in 2017

- Energy Industry: renewables energy and recovery has more than doubled, with a total revenue of 26 billion euros in 2017

Growth in these industries is facilitated by public policies that set nationwide targets for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Who are the key players in Paris Region? Where are the innovations expected? What mistakes should be avoided while working with French corporates? Join us to get answered to these questions and hear from our guest speaker, Bernard BLEZ, CEO of Passion4Energy.

Our Q&A session will be a friendly forum to ask questions, share challenges and brainstorm solutions on client engagement-related issues. The event will be in English, free, and open to all!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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    Sevinç Ar Chimot Cleantech, Grand Paris & Smart City Expert @ CHOOSE PARIS REGION

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  • Guest speaker
    Bernard Blez Ceo @ Passion4Energy

    Bernad has 30 years of experience in energy R&D, innovation management and commercialization. Bernard Blez helps investors, universities and Grandes Écoles, as well as local authorities and industrial groups make sense of the ever-changing energy world, define and implement their energy transitio...

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