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Industry 4.0 TechMeeting

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One of the industry’s major downfalls is its negative environmental impacts. Using cleaner fuels in producing products was one of the earliest changes in energy use. More countries are turning away from coal and fossil fuels to use more sustainable energy sources worldwide. According to Kitmondo, Industry 4.0 will feature a trend of lowering the amount of energy factories use.

To make this change, manufacturing facilities need to look at the energy they use and find ways to reduce their energy use in 2023. For each manufacturer that wants to see their company grow, reducing the cost of electricity in the next year should be at the top of their list. Excess electricity uses resources that impact the environment, and too much energy use is a barrier to production costs.

This event will gather experts and startups to discuss the current state of Industry 4.0.


1/ Market analysis

2/ Fireside chat and Q&A

3/ Startup presentations




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