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The Future of Food in Paris Region

About this event

A quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in France comes from our plates. Due to the advancement of climate change and concerns over health risks, new food emerges as a new sector to produce better quality products, reduce the environmental impact, and gain better control on the composition of our everyday food.

With 12.2 million inhabitants and 23 000 restaurants, Parisian consumers are paying more and more attention to their food, from its production to its distribution. Price is no longer their only criterion when making a purchase. However, the French consumer has evolved faster than the offer, as they are now looking for meal substitutes, specific diets and dietary supplements, and product customization.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why Paris Region is the hub for food tech/agritech from technical fields to new ways of consumption Why Paris Region is the main place for food tech/agritech?
  • Why Paris Region is leading in innovation for this sector?
  • The latest trends, technologies, and innovations that will enable sustainable agricultural systems and define the future of safe and green consumption.

Start-ups that respond to the desire for new food products to be more transparent, healthier, and more eco-friendly are ideal collaborators for key players in France’s food industry.

Our Q&A session will provide a friendly forum to ask questions, share challenges, and brainstorm on engagement related issues. The event will be in English, free, and open to all!

We look forward to seeing you!

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    Gregory Lemkine CEO of Watchfrog @ WatchFrog

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    Nahil Jacquemier Genopole

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    . Genopole Innovation Today, Every Day

    Created in 1998, Genopole® has a threefold mission: Research campus in genomics and post-genomics, focused on gene therapy, encourage the start-up and foster the development of biotech companies in the Paris region. Create a biopark in Evry-Corbeil in collaboration with the research campus.

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    ShakeUp Factory Accelerator for Disrupting Tech Startups

    ShakeUpFactory is a accelerator and a Venture Capital firm for disrupting Tech Startups, with a focus on Food & Beverage. ShakeUpFactory leverage a community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to provide tailored support and advice to international startups and entrepreneurs.

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    Nicolas Gourmey

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    Marion Canale Chief Executive Officer @ Cearitis

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