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3 Steps to Keeping Clients Secure & Adding New Logos

About this webinar

As we look toward the beginning of 2021, you will need a renewed focus on cyber security.

The number of breaches is going up and ransomware is becoming more prevalent. Your clients need you to stay relevant by keeping them up-to-date on the security they need.

In an upcoming panel discussion, you will learn the 3 steps to keeping clients secure. They happen to be the same steps to adding new logos.

  1. Assess: Everyone attending this event will learn how to assess clients and companies’ security risk to determine their needs.
  2. Detect: Attendees will learn what questions to ask to help customers understand why they need to both protect and defend (and why protection and defense are different).
  3. Respond: You will see how to help organizations act quickly if they are in a worst-case scenario dealing with a breach and who they should call for help.

We will show you CI Security’s services, which are more robust than other vendors. Working with CI saves customers money while creating dependable recurring revenue for you.

And most importantly, we won’t be boring. This is not a webinar with a ton of slides. It’s a discussion during which you’ll ask questions and get answers. And, you’ll leave with a 2021 plan.

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