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Phishy Little Liars - Cons That Kill

About this webinar

How Ransomware criminals get you to fall for their tricks

More than 90% of malware, including ransomware, arrives in networks via email. Anti-phishing software and network technology has improved significantly in recent history. So, criminals have had to adjust their tactics and strategies to target the most vulnerable systems in your organization: the humans. 

In this demonstration, you’ll see how the bad guys are customizing elaborate email phishing campaigns to target humans in a way that will go undetected. You’ll learn the social engineering tricks they are using against you and your co-workers, so you can be armed to fight back. 

While most people are proficient at spotting scams and well-known pretexts such as the Nigerian Prince scam – social engineering attacks now lean heavily in to researching their targets and crafting specialized spear phishing and whaling attacks that appear innocuous and harmless to the target.

You’ll come away with:

  • Increased knowledge of evolved social engineering
  • An understanding of how ransomware enters a network through email
  • A document you can send employees to warn them

CI Security’s Alethe Denis first gave a version of this presentation at Security BSides San Francisco and The Layer 8 Conference to so much acclaim that she’s been frequently asked to repeat it at conferences, for ISC2 groups, international DEF CON groups and workplaces.   

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