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Ransomware Tabletop Exercise

About this webinar

When the criminals get ransomware in your system, do you know what to do?

Most organizations do not have a full plan to react to ransomware. And, the ones that do may not have updated it for the current working conditions.

In this 60-minute virtual tabletop exercise, you’ll see a simulation of a ransomware attack, and how a company responds to it.  Mike Simon will lead the simulation. He is CTO of CI Security and has been part of tabletop exercises for organizations large and small, including the Department of Homeland Security.  

When the worst happens, it’s helpful to have already been through the motions and exercised your incident response plan with your team and the executive staff. Companies that practice incident response have lower costs and less downtime. Please invite anyone in your organization to this simulation. Attendees will also get a rubric for how to respond, should ransomware hit.

One of the most interesting parts of a tabletop exercise is the wrenches thrown into the works. If you would like to include some ideas for wrenches (earthquake, IT Director in a car crash, employee with malicious intent), please email tabletop@ci.security

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