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Don't Fall For It! Cybersecurity Awareness Training

About this webinar

You might not know it, but you fight crime every day.

When you look at spam and avoid the link, you’ve saved yourself and your company from the crooks. But the bad guys are getting better at what they do and you need to up your crimefighting game.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll learn how to spot the links to avoid, you’ll learn how ransomware really works, and you’ll come away with some pretty good stories to tell. This won’t be one of those boring trainings, we promise.

Note: Training sessions are the same each Friday.

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  • Team member
    Fred Langston EVP, Professional Services @ CI Security

    Fred Langston CISSP, CCSK, a cofounder of CI Security, has over 25 years of professional information security experience. He participated in the working group that drafted the proposed HIPAA security rule and was in the SIG and the AUP working group for the Banking IT Security (BITS) Forum FISAP.

  • Team member
    John-Luke Peck Deputy CISO, Principal Consultant @ CI Security

    Deputy CISO and Principal Consultant for CI.Security, focusing on cyber security risk management, incident response, and technical and program assessments. My passion is helping companies build and grow security programs, assess and manage risk, and navigate security and compliance.

  • Team member
    Jake Milstein CMO @ CI Security

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