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Briefing Webinar on Celebration of BIM Achievement 2020 and Highlight of CIC’s BIM Journey

About this event

After a golden harvest in CIC BIM Year 2019, let us celebrate our BIM achievements in the last few years as we venture into 2020 with the advent of a new BIM decade in Hong Kong. Three categories of achievement will be celebrated and recognised by Construction Industry Council (CIC). They are:

(1) BIM Projects 2020

(2) BIM Organisations 2020

(3) BIMers 2020

[Note: “BIM” in CIC’s context includes BIM, digital construction, and its related technologies, etc. in construction industry.]

The celebration aims to inspire organisations and practitioners to continually be creative, innovative, transformative or disruptive in bringing BIM to its full potential, by recognising and sharing their achievements with all stakeholders. Although each category of achievement has its own merit and assessment criteria, all categories share the same key ingredients of vision and mission in BIM, achievements, lessons learned, contribution and impact to the construction industry in Hong Kong.

This webinar will launch the Celebration of BIM Achievement 2020 and introduce the details, including the objectives, eligibility, application requirement and judging criteria, etc. You are cordially invited to attend the webinar to prepare for the application of the celebration.

Also, we will give you a highlight of CIC’s BIM Journey by updating you what we are doing as a BIM solution hub and the support providing in five key areas, including adoption and promotion, training, standards and guidelines, certification and accreditation, and R&D and funding support.

Apply now if you are passionate in promoting and adopting BIM, achieved important and recognised milestones of BIM in your organisation, projects, education or research, etc. Tell us your story, and your footprints would be registered in the history of BIM development in Hong Kong.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Alex Ho Senior Manager-BIM @ CIC

  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Liav Muler Chairperson, Committee on BIM @ CIC

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