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CDE Webinar Series: Five Generations of CDE as described in different standards

About this event

Common Data Environment (CDE) first appeared in BS1192:2007 in the 2D era. To help the industry to practise BIM, AEC(UK) published the BIM Standard (2010) or Protocol (2012) giving an example of CDE in form of directory and folder. After the UK Government announced the BIM Strategy in 2011, PAS1192:2/3 were published to help the industry to go through the transition from 2D to 3D. After the BIM mandate in 2016, the CDBB was set up to pave the way to Level 3 or Digital Built Britain and CDBB published the AIM-CDE with a vision of National Digital Twin (NDT). Finally, the ISO19650, a standards layer and information-management-oriented document, was issued in end 2018, followed by UK National Guidance Part 1/2.

The speaker will discuss the following in the Webinar :

(i) Comparison of CDEs described in the 5 publications from the aspects of digital data, BIM process, file management, CDE terminology, non-graphic aspects – safety/health/contract.

(ii) One common thing in the five generations

(iii) The most important concept of CDE cannot be applied to BIM

(iv) Something important but insufficiently addressed in the five generations

(v) Current BIM practice does not address the QA/QC of pre-BIM 2D drawings and post-BIM 2D drawings.

(vi) New perspectives in CDBB’s AIM-CDE

(vii) New requirements in ISO19650

(viii) Problems encountered in complying ISO19650, which already superseded 1192:1-2

(ix) Review the comparison

(x) Suggest a solution

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  • Guest speaker
    Ir C. K. Ng CEO, dRoW Limited & BIM Director, Build.IT