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CIC BIM Competition 2020 Awardees Sharing Webinar (Session 1)

About this event

CIC BIM Competition aims to promote the practical use of BIM through collaborative and competitive learning approach among tertiary students in construction related disciplines. Continuing to encourage the wide adoption of BIM, CIC held its second BIM Competition this year which was successfully concluded in June.

In this webinar, the awardees of the CIC BIM Competition 2020 will be presenting their work and showcase how they utilise BIM as well as other constructional concepts to create a functional and exquisite model of the student hostel. The presentation of the awardees will allow the audience to understand more about the innovative ideas of the youngsters. They will also be sharing with the audience what they encountered during this competition and how they tackle them by the use of BIM technology. 

An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to the qualified participants after the webinar.

Language: Powerpoint in English and Presentation in Cantonese

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    Awardees of the CIC BIM Competition 2020