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CIC Webinar on BIM Talks – Celebration of BIM Achievement - BIM Projects 2020 Winners’ Sharing

About this event

The Construction Industry Council (CIC)'s goal of organising BIM Talks is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are related to the successful implementation of BIM in real life, and on a wide range of topics to accelerate BIM adoption. BIM experts of different background from the industry will be invited to share their "how-to-BIM" experience in BIM Talks.

Speakers and Topics:

  • Welcome Address

Ar. Ada FUNG, Chairperson, Committee on BIM, Construction Industry Council

Ar. Ada FUNG is the Chairperson of the Committee on BIM of the CIC. With a passion to drive BIM adoption in both local and global arena, Ada is President of Hong Kong Alliance of Built Asset & Environment Information Management Associations, Chairperson of Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART International, and Chairperson of Asia-Pacific Regional BIM Group.

Being an Architect by profession, Ada is an active member in society, driving continuous improvement and sustainable development for the built asset industry. She has been the Deputy Director of Housing supervising the Development & Construction Division of the Housing Department until end of 2017. Ada is the President of the Lighthouse Club (HK), and Director of the Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre, amongst other services in the civil society.

  • BIM Adoption and Sustainable BIM FM Platform for Shanghai Street 618 Preservation and Revitalisation

Mr. Anderson LEUNG, Director, Works & Contracts, Urban Renewal Authority

Mr. Thomson LAI, Asia Digital Leader, AECOM

Abstract: 618 Shanghai Street is URA's first project to use BIM as a tool in enhancing design coordination, crashes prevention in construction, quality buildings, and operational efficiency of facilities management (FM). This project has leveraged several BIM technologies across the project life cycle. To improve the operation efficiency, the URA has appointed AECOM to develop a centralized BIM-FM platform on the cloud which integrates the as-built BIM, Building Management System (BMS) data and Internet of Things (IoT) system that are installed on site. With the latest BIM technologies, it offers a sustainable and expandable solution to achieve better building maintenance and property management for building a quality city.

In this session, we are delighted to invite Mr. Anderson LEUNG, Director, Works & Contracts of URA, and Mr. Thomson LAI, Asia Digital Leader of AECOM, will present the digital twin platform for facilitate management in 618 Shanghai Street and how its technology integrated with the BIM, BMS and IoT together in this redevelopment project.

  • Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns - Site Preparation and Access Tunnel Construction - From BIM to Integrated Project Delivery

Ir Simon LEUNG, Chief Resident Engineer, AECOM

Ir Owen LEE, Resident Engineer (Programme/BIM), AECOM

Abstract: Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works (STSTW) to Caverns is a pioneering project owned by Drainage Services Department (DSD), paving ways for other potential cavern developments. The future cavern complex for accommodating the relocated STSTW will be the largest of its kind ever built in Hong Kong. Bearing the role of a pioneer, the project team takes every initiative to explore different innovative construction methods, such as Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), aiming to deliver the project in a much more efficient manner. To make all these feasible, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the key.

In this webinar, we will illustrate how BIM contributes to an Integrated Project Delivery using this project as an example. The extensive BIM application not only streamlines the traditional construction workflow to lift the overall efficiency, together with many other emerging technologies such as 5G network and Internet of Things (IoT), it also sparks and enables massive innovative ideas to be implemented in this project. Through this sharing, we wish to inspire more innovative usage of BIM technology and ultimately drive the BIM use to the next level.

  • BIM for Facilitating Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) / MultiTrade integrated MEP (MiMEP) in Gammon Project

Ir Victor TSE, Construction Manager, Gammon E&M Limited

Mr. Stanley MOK, BIM Manager, Gammon E&M Limited

Abstract: The application of DfMA / MiMEP has become a hot topic in the Hong Kong construction industry recently. Finding ways to combine MEP components into MiC while at the same time making full use of DfMA is a major priority for E&M project management.

With support from the Government and CIC, Gammon is able to take advantage of using DfMA / MiMEP and adopt it on Gammon Project.

On this speak, the speakers will share their experiences on how the accurate BIM model played a critical role in facilitating the implementation and application of DfMA / MiMEP to deliver the project.

  • Neuron: How will the digital twin platform reshape smart buildings for the future?

Mr. Mark CHEN, Associate, Arup

Abstract: The digital twins is an emerging technology that will drive the next generation smart building evolution. Beyond a single technology, it is empowered by the integration of disruptive digital technologies such as BIM, WebGL, Big Data, AI, cloud native and semantic data platforms.

Neuron is a digital twin platform developed by Arup with track record in Hong Kong and beyond. It is designed as the ‘digital brain’ for smart buildings – integrating Arup’s total engineering domain expertise into the building life cycle optimisation.

Mr. Mark CHEN is leading the development of Neuron. In this session, he will share his vision on the future smart building development and how Neuron will embrace disruptive digital technologies in the upcoming projects.

Language: Cantonese (Presentation materials in English)

Remarks: An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to participants with over 80% attendance within one month after the live webinar. Any attendance on replay sessions after webinar will not be considered for CPD attendance certificate.

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    Mr. Stanley Mok BIM Manager @ Gammon E&M Limited

  • Guest speaker
    Ir Victor Tse Construction Manager @ Gammon E&M Limited

  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Anderson Leung Director, Works & Contracts @ Urban Renewal Authority

  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Thomson Lai Asia Digital Leader @ AECOM

  • Guest speaker
    Ir Owen Lee Resident Engineer (Programme/BIM) @ AECOM

  • Guest speaker
    Ir Simon Leung Chief Resident Engineer @ AECOM

  • Guest speaker
    Ar. Prof. Ada Fung Chairperson of Committee on BIM @ Construction Industry Council

  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Mark Chen Associate @ Arup

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