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CIC Webinar on BIM Talks: CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 - Sharing by Organisation Category Awardees

About this event

The Construction Industry Council (CIC)'s goal of organising BIM Talks is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are related to the successful implementation of BIM in real life, and on a wide range of topics to accelerate BIM adoption. BIM experts of different background from the industry will be invited to share their "how-to-BIM" experience in BIM Talks. This year, we will invite Organisation category awardees of the CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 to share their BIM transformation initiatives and benefits, outcomes and performance that BIM brought to their organisation.


  • Welcome Address

Speaker: Ar. Prof. Ada FUNG, Chairperson, Committee on BIM, Construction Industry Council

Ar. Prof. Ada FUNG is the Chairperson of the Committee on BIM of the CIC. With a passion to drive BIM adoption in both local and global arena, Ada is President of Hong Kong Alliance of Built Asset & Environment Information Management Associations, Chairperson of Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART International, and Chairperson of Asia-Pacific Regional BIM Group.

Being an Architect by profession, Ada is an active member in society, driving continuous improvement and sustainable development for the built asset industry. She has been the Deputy Director of Housing supervising the Development & Construction Division of the Housing Department until end of 2017. Ar. Prof. FUNG is the President of the Lighthouse Club (HK), member of Advisory Council on the Environment, Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre and Green Tech Fund Assessment Committee, amongst other services in the civil society.

  • Deconstruction of Misconception

Speaker: Sr Katherine SHUM, Director, Rider Levett Bucknall Limited

Abstract: 5D BIM is a burden? A model that can allow Quantity Take-off (QTO) is a model purposely built for quantity surveyors (QS)? Is QS’s request too much? Misconception! It's time to deconstruct.

The "I" in BIM models appeals to QS as the object information contains material, dimension and quantity which are the basis for measurement and cost management purposes.

5D BIM is the integration of quantities (3D) in BIM models, construction programme (the 4th D) and cost (the 5th D) to provide estimates, valuations or cost advices by QS to design team, helping the team design to budget.

Promoting the implementation of 5D BIM, RLB 5D BIM Standards is compiled to outline the information suggested to be included in BIM models for the purpose of QTO from detailed design stage to the completion of the project.

The idea of setting up such model information requirements is to build up a communication bridge between the QS’s measurement rules and the BIM naming convention. The main objective is to have better quality of model information for sharing among project team members.

The suggested naming convention in ensuring the BIM objects are named systematically, logically and consistently for better understanding by model users and for easy BIM object management and information exchange. The suggestions may be varied to suit specific project needs and the practice of design consultants.

RLB fully support collaborative working environments, to enhance transparency and rising standards within the built environment.

  • Digital As Differentiator

Speaker: Ms. Can LEUNG, Technical Director, digital AECOM, AECOM

Abstract: Digital brings together the potential of AECOM’s digital technologies to deliver a better world. This is what drives us at digital AECOM. AECOM think and act globally. Our comprehensive strategy set the new standard of excellence:

Change the way we operate – We are simplifying our operating structure to promote greater connectivity and collaboration. We bring the best global thinking and innovation to every project.

Transform how we work – We are using technology to design more flexible ways of working and further enable digital delivery that improves the client experience and increase efficiency.

Lead in ESG – We are enhancing our position on ESG priorities through our commitment to sustainability and by advising our clients on how to achieve their own ambitious ESG goals.

As BIM is part of the digital technologies, Ms. Can LEUNG will share the process of BIM adoption in terms of policy, training, achievements and pain points in her presentation.

  • Connecting the physical and digital worlds

Speaker: Mr. Ray NG, East Asia Region BIM Lead, Arup

Abstract: At Arup, we’ve been pushing BIM’s capabilities, finding ways to amplify these effects and realise its potential and value on all our projects, while developing automatic creation of content from data that enables us to respond directly to client needs.

To fully harness the power of digital technology, we have to understand what those skills allow us to achieve and encourage development among our people. These skills, combined with our existing technical knowledge and domain expertise, make a very potent combination, enabling us to deliver more cost-effective and sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Ray will share the digital transformation journey of the organisation in terms of policy, people, technology, and process.


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