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DfMA Alliance Webinar - Transforming Construction with DfMA and MNC

About this event

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) strives to promote greater uptake of DfMA and offsite construction-related techniques in the Hong Kong construction industry.

We are privileged to have two DfMA experts, Dr John Stehle and Prof. Ken McBryde, to share their specialist insights and knowledge on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) from the engineering and architectural perspectives.

RUNDOWN (The webinar will start at 10:00 am HKT (12:00 pm AEST))

10:00 – 10:30 DfMA Journey in UK by Dr John Stehle

10:30 – 11:00 New guidelines for modern methods of construction _Handbook for the Design Modular Structures by Prof. Ken McBryde

11:00 – 11:10 Q&A Session

* This webinar is eligible for 1 CPD hour / point and the CPD certificate will be sent to your registered e-mail address after the webinar.


Dr John Stehle

Dr John Stehle is a structural engineering expert who has worked internationally with numerous contractors and consultancies on a wide range of engineering projects for 25 years. He is widely recognised as an innovator and he is a prolific inventor of construction products and solutions.

He regularly speaks at local and international conferences and has published many technical papers.

John is the inventor of Robovoid, an innovative recycled plastic void former solution for concrete structures which has the potential to radically transform the construction industry and provide substantial sustainability benefits to society, and he currently leads a major research project to develop this solution.

DfMA Journey in UK

Offsite construction methods and a ‘DfMA’ (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) philosophy requires a different mindset compared to traditional design and construction techniques. Such methods, if implemented well, can deliver significant benefits.

John shall share some of his international career experiences in these respects and hopes to provide some insights and inspiration to fellow practitioners.


Prof. Ken McBryde

Prof. Ken McBryde is a thought-leader in the construction industry, he is regularly called upon to speak conferences and contribute to research projects. He actively seeks out architectural and urban challenges that require innovation in construction methodology, design and materials.

In parallel with his highly collaborative multi-disciplinary professional practice he is involved in ongoing applied research into prefabrication and is Adjunct Professor at The University of Sydney.

He is presently collaborating with The University of Melbourne, Swinburne University, the CSIRO and FWPA on a Research Project studying the wider application of prefabricated Sustainable Yield Australian Hardwood components.

New Guidelines for Modern Methods of Construction _Handbook for the Design Modular Structures

The Modular Construction Codes Board (MCCB) was founded by Prof. James Murray-Parkes and Dr Yu Bai from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, in early 2013. Prof. Murray-Parkes cited the lack of cohesion and availability in technical references as the key drivers for this project, as he struggled to find adequate support material to reference modern forms of construction design. The Handbook is a project by the Modular Construction Codes Board (MCCB).

It forms a Guide for Modular Construction and DfMA in relation to the considerations and expectations required of the various stakeholders – the Developer, the Designer, the Manufacturer, the Materials Supplier, the Builder. In so doing, each stakeholder can have confidence of successfully delivering results of specified quality with managed risk to provide an acceptable product that meets customer expectations and complies with applicable Regulations.

This talk introduces the Handbook for the Design Modular Structures, the first comprehensive publication to address the above issues in a holistic way.

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  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Mark Rose Structural Engineer at Advanced Science and Engineering Pty Ltd.

  • Guest speaker
    Prof. Ken McBryde Architectural Physics, Adjunct Professor at The University of Sydney