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Life First Walk the Talk -「安全角色及責任 - 吊運工作」網上研討會 Webinar on Safety Roles and Responsibilities (Lifting Operation)


建造業議會已推出《香港建造業主要持份者的安全角色及責任 – 吊運工作實用》參考指引,重點介紹吊運工作的程序,為業界持份者提供了循序漸進的指導,以便於施工前發展一套安全角色及責任清晰的吊運工作系統。是次「生命第一 - 行出安全」網上研討會邀請了業主、承建商及科技公司代表分享有關吊運工作的安全及擔任不同職位的工作人員如何安全展開工作。

The Construction Industry Council published Reference Materials on “Safety Roles and Responsibilities of Key Stakeholders in the Hong Kong Construction Industry – Practical Reference Guidance on Lifting Operation” that focuses on the process of lifting operation. It provides a step-by-step guidance for the industry stakeholders to establish a lifting operation system with clear roles and responsibilities before commencing the work. Representatives from project clients, contractor and supplier are invited to this upcoming “Life First – Walk the Talk” to share lifting safety and how the work should be safely carried out by respective persons in respective roles.


日期Date: 19-4-2023 (星期三Wednesday)

時間Time: 15:00 – 16:00

語言Language: 廣東話 Cantonese

形式Format: 網上研討會 Online seminar (Webinar)

出席證書Attendance Certificate: 參加者有80%或以上出席率將於研討會完結後1個月內獲得電子出席證書 (建議持續專業進修時數1小時) Attendees who have 80% or above attendance rate are eligible to receive the attendance certificate within one month after the webinar. (1 CPD hour suggested)

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