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Online Briefing of SciTech Challenge 2020 –Sensory Technology for Construction

About this event

Co-organised by Construction Industry Council (CIC) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) SciTech Challenge is an open competition for innovators to pitch their products and solutions to industry end users. Teams will be able to accelerate their idea-to-development progress through workshops, site visits and mentorship programme.  

The theme for SciTech 2020 is Sensory Technology for Construction. Recent years, the industry is undergoing digital transformation for improvement on operation efficiency. Sensory technology is the first step for digitalising the physical environment, which forms the foundation for other technology development e.g. robotics, smart city, digital twin etc. This competition will be an effective bridge to close the gap between the burning needs of the industry and interdisciplinary R&D talents.

This briefing session will explain the enrolment process and competition arrangement, including:

  • Introduction of SciTech Challenge 2020
  • CIC sharing of industrial insight
  • HKSTP sharing on Hong Kong's current technology level landscape
  • Event timeline and judging criteria
  • Useful tips for SciTech participants

Let’s join this challenge and make a difference to the construction industry!

Estimate Duration: 1 hr

Language: Cantonese

Enquiries: 2100 9532


Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Hong Wan Manager @ Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre, CIC

  • Guest speaker
    Eric Cheng Senior Manager @ Robotics Platform, HKSTP

  • Guest speaker
    Crystal Fok Director @ AIR Platform and PE Cluster, HKSTP