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Construction Industry Council invites you to their webinar

Webinar on Enhancement of BIM Standards (General)-2nd round Stakeholder Engagement Seminar (Chi Session)

About this webinar

The CIC has appointed ACID as the Consultant to prepare an enhancement of the BIM Standards (General). This enhanced CIC BIM Standards aims to be adopted by architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors and other industry practitioners for the construction industry in Hong Kong.

The Consultant has been studying and comparing the current local and international practices to ensure the enhanced CIC BIM Standards (General) to:

The project was commenced on 20 May 2020 and the 1st draft has been prepared, our current step is to collect and consider views from stakeholders as reference for the enhancement of the CIC BIM Standards (General). As such, you are cordially invited to attend the Stakeholder Engagement seminar (SES).

The SES will explain the background of the project, objectives, methodology to be used, deliverables and specific topics where your views are critical to contribute a successful enhanced CIC BIM Standards (General).

Introduction of 1st Draft of the enhanced CIC BIM Standards (General) is available for review and comment:


Language: Cantonese - Presentation materials in English

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  • Guest speaker
    Ar. David Fung Managing Director @ A.C.I.D.

  • Guest speaker
    Mr. Elvis Chiu Assistant Manager-BIM @ CIC

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