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Webinar on Digital infrastructure – Smart Bridge Technologies

About this event

Co-organised by the Construction Industry Council, the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation Hong Kong Branch, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Civil Division, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Logistics & Transportation Division, and Hong Kong Institution of Highways and Transporation, the Webinar on Digital Infrastructure - Smart Bridge Technologies will be held on 24 September 2020. 

Today, governments around the world are developing huge stimulus packages to relieve the shock of the pandemic and inject a new sense of direction into their economies. There is an appetite for new solutions and the parallel threat of climate change is setting the context for much of the debate. Investing in green infrastructure plays a significant role. 

We hear consistent messages across infrastructure business: (a) Budgetary pressures, (b) Uncertainty of lifespan of existing assets, (c) The need for enhanced resilience against extreme events, and (d) Adoption of new and innovative technologies. In this webinar, Steve Kite, Director and East Asia Highways Leader, Arup, will share how enhanced intelligence on bridge design and performance could empower the profession to be better prepared for challenges ahead. New technologies can deliver smart and efficient data to drive design and asset management. It could also deliver the automation of common processes, specialist services to unique problems, detailed intelligence on bridge condition and performance, a rapid response to extreme events, and long-term insights. In addition to that, it could help make better informed decisions that keep traffic moving, prioritise annual budgets, demonstrate value of money and provide long term budget certainty. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Steve Kite Director and East Asia Highways Leader @ Arup

Construction Industry Council