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安全主任的專業道德和誠信網上講座 Webinar on Professional Ethics and Integrity of Safety Officers 2023


註冊安全主任在確保於工業經營中受僱的人的安全及健康方面擔當重要角色。他們的技能和專業知識應與時並進,以應付各相關行業所面對的風險。為配合行業的發展及需要,勞工處出版《工廠及工業經營 (安全主任及安全督導員 )規例專業進修計劃指引》第四版,加入「安全主任的專業道德和誠信」作為必修的專業進修計劃,切合相關持份者對註冊安全主任專業水準的期望。建造業議會將於2023年7月5日舉辦網上講座,並邀請廉政公署代表講解安全主任相關的專業道德和誠信要求。

Registered Safety Officers (RSOs) play important roles in ensuring safety and health of persons employed in industrial undertakings. The skills and professional knowledge of RSOs should be kept pace with times for RSOs to cope with the risks faced by all relevant industries. To meet the development and needs of the industries, the Labour Department publishes the fourth edition of “Guidance Notes on Continuing Professional Development Programmes under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Officers and Safety Supervisors) Regulations” to include professional ethics and integrity of safety officers as a compulsory CPD Programme, so as to fit in with the expectation of relevant stakeholders on the professional standards of RSOs. The Construction Industry Council will organise a webinar, inviting a representative of Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to explain the detailed requirements of the relevant code of practice.


⽇期Date: 5-7-2023 (星期三Wednesday)

時間Time: 16:30 – 17:30

語⾔Languague: 廣東話Cantonese

費用Fee: 免費Free of Charge


1) 是次網上講座以廣東話進行。This webinar will be conducted in Cantonese.

2) 參加者需有80%或以上出席率及於網上講座期間回答選擇題,講座完結後1個月內將獲得電子出席證書。 (建議持續專業進修時數1小時) 。Attendees who have 80% or above attendance rate and answer MC question during the webinar are eligible to receive the attendance certificate within one month after the webinar (1 CPD hour suggested).



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