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Cinchy invites you to their event

Don't be Customer-Centric. Be Everything-Centric with Data Centricity

About this event

Cinchy works with over a 100+ credit unions who are moving away from app-specific solutions that are rigid, expensive and require a ton of integration. Our customers are focused on building data-centric solutions that unlock trapped SaaS data, eliminate integration, eliminate new silos and drive 5x to 10x faster to member based experiences. 

In this session: 

  • How data-centric = everything-centric = member-centric (and more!) and the value this drives in the credit union space
  • How data-centric = intelligence-driven, elevating what we currently know as data-driven
  • How Concentra is using data-centricity to unlock capabilities enhancing their product, experience, and internal processes with real-life examples.
  • How you can get started on your data-centric journey.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Alan Trieu Account Director @ Cinchy

  • Team member
    Dan DeMers CEO & Co-Founder @ Cinchy

    Dan DeMers is the CEO and co-founder of Cinchy, the Dataware platform that makes integration obsolete.



Cinchy is the Dataware platform that makes integration obsolete.