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Season 2 Episode 7: How the **ck (heck) do you build a Data Mesh?

About this event

Data Mesh - Everyone is talking about it but who is actually making it happen? Once you scratch beneath the surface several big questions emerge.

Join Cinchy CEO, Dan DeMers, and Data Mesh Founder, Zhamak Dehghani, as they tackle some of those questions head on. Feel free to bring your own questions as well, nothing is too big for this pair.

You'll learn:

  • The difference in mindset between data as a product and data as an asset.
  • How a Data Mesh impacts both the operational and analytical elements of data.
  • How to rationalize when to add to an existing domain and/or data product, vs. create new domains and/or data product.
  • Insight on where to get started, and what technology to use to begin.

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  • Guest speaker
    Zhamak Dehghan Director of Emerging Technologies | Data Mesh Founder | Member of Tech Advisory Boards @ ThoughtWorks

    Zhamak Dehghaniis the creator of the Data Mesh and an innovative leader in distributed systems architecture and digital platform strategy. At ThoughtWorks, Zhamak is the Director of Next Tech Incubation NA and a Member of Tech Advisory Boards. Zhamak also contributes to the creation of ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

  • Team member
    Dan DeMers CEO & Co-Founder @ Cinchy

    Dan DeMers is the CEO and co-founder of Cinchy, the Dataware platform that makes integration obsolete.



Cinchy is the Dataware platform that makes integration obsolete.