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Show NOT Tell - Episode 2: Meta Reports

About this event

At Cinchy, we believe in showing, not telling. Our new series "Show NOT Tell", are interactive sessions where we will walk through key capabilities for Cinchy builders and users with live demos, discussion, and Q&A.

In Episode 2- Meta Reports, Cinchy Director of Training, Fatima Kaba, and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tyson Rose, will be covering basic concepts and how to’s around Meta Reports in Cinchy. 

Cinchy Meta Reports is an Experience that increases simplicity of reports while still having data access entitlements from table controls persist through to the Report. Reports can be used to visualize data and further understand trends and metrics derived from your data.

Some examples of how reports can be leveraged are understanding sales timelines, prospect demographics, product features and more. This capability is available for all Cinchy customers at no extra cost. 

This session will cover the following:

  • What tables are used to create and maintain Meta Reports in Cinchy
  • How to create data driven reports
  • How to access reports once they are created

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Tyson Rose Director, Strategic Partnerships @ Cinchy

    Tyson Rose brings over 15 years of experience in financial services and corporate governance most recently in technology leadership roles where he was responsible for strategy development and solutions delivery.

  • Team member
    Fatima Kaba Director, Training & Development & Change Management @ Cinchy

    Fatima is an accomplished leader with 20 years of experience in technology training & development. As a Training Advisor with extensive subject matter expertise in the entire training lifecycle she has a passion for leading strategic training initiatives.



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