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Show NOT Tell - Episode 5: User Defined Functions

About this event

At Cinchy, we believe in showing, not telling. Our new series "Show NOT Tell", are interactive sessions where we will walk through key capabilities for Cinchy builders and users with live demos, discussion, and Q&A.

In Episode 5- User Defined Functions, Cinchy Director of Training, Fatima Kaba, and Customer Solutions Architect, Ali Ahmadi, will be covering how to create and use User Defined Functions - functions written in Javascript that can perform more complex calculations, call APIs and complete orchestrated tasks with autonomy in Cinchy.

Through a live demo and Q&A, this session will cover the following:

  • What are User Defined Functions
  • How they are created and stored in Cinchy
  • How and where they can be leveraged

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ali Ahmadi

    Ali Ahmadi is a Customer Solutions Architect working with the Customer Success team to implement customer solutions on the Cinchy Data Fabric. Given the complex requirements of Cinchy customers, Ali is excited to be able to help customers meet their business objectives and simplify their business processes using Cinchy.

  • Team member
    Fatima Kaba Director, Training & Development & Change Management @ Cinchy

    Fatima is an accomplished leader with 20 years of experience in technology training & development. As a Training Advisor with extensive subject matter expertise in the entire training lifecycle she has a passion for leading strategic training initiatives.



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