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Circuit Stream invites you to its webinar

Introductory AR Class (East) 07/18

About this webinar

Learn how to create Augmented Reality apps using Unity and Vuforia.

This class beginner friendly - no previous experience is required.

During the class, we'll share:

  • How Unity is used to build augmented reality apps
  • Major AR development tools
  • Opportunities in the AR industry
  • Future resources for creating AR apps

You'll learn:

  • How an AR app is built from scratch in Unity
  • How to use tools from Vuforia
  • How to use Unity to begin creating AR apps of your own

You'll leave with:

  • A basic understanding of how to use Unity to create your own projects
  • A network of friends and colleagues who are passionate about augmented reality

Who is this workshop for?

Engineers, developers, and programmers upgrading their skill set

Prior programming experience is useful but not required. We'll introduce you to Unity 3D, useful plugins and SDKs, and help focus your VR/AR goals and ideas.

Employees integrating VR/AR into workplace

We'll demonstrate real life uses of AR in training applications for aviation, manufacturing, and more. You'll be able to leverage new-found expertise and examples to bring this new technology into your workplace.

Beginners stepping into the VR/AR industry

We teach for any and all levels of experience with AR and Unity 3D. If you're just getting started with VR/AR technology, we review our development guide here and get acquainted with Unity before we begin.

Sponsorship Partners:

Circuit Stream VR Instructors:

Lou Pushelberg, Usman Mir, and Richard Beare have a combined 15+ years of experience building VR and AR software and applications in Unity. They've worked on professional projects that include commercial releases for large enterprise companies, VR studios, game development, and independent contracts as well as self-publishing original content on the App Store.

Circuit Stream VR/AR Courses:

Circuit Stream is the leading education and training provider for virtual and augmented reality. Established in 2015, we’ve trained over 20,000 students through workshops, 1:1 mentorship and our VR/AR Development with Unity course. We are the lead educator at the world’s largest VR/AR events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Austin, Houston, and more.

Circuit Stream is a Unity certified training partner. Training partners are approved based on their expertise, focus on quality education and a commitment to providing the highest level of training available. Learn more about Circuit Stream at circuitstream.com.

Testimonials for Circuit Stream Courses:

"The interaction with our instructor as well as other students in the class was so important. With the training I received I've been able to build an AR project that will be showcased at one of our Senior Leadership events next month." - Marcus, AR Developer – Phillipsburg

"Excellent and highly knowledgeable instructors that made complicated material easily digestible. I strongly recommend the course." - Mfon – Chicago

“Gave me hands on experience with Unity, which I had no prior experience with. I’m ready to start making my own AR games!” – Eric, Android Developer – Vancouver

“With no coding experience, Circuit Stream kickstarted my path in VR/AR development.” – Arush, Chemical Engineer – Toronto

Circuit Stream

VR/AR Training & Development

Providing online courses on development with Unity for individuals and 3D VR/AR application development with integrated learning for businesses.