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Twenty Minute Tuesday - How to Select AC SPD for UL 508A Industrial Control Panels?

About this event

UL 508A Industrial Control Panels can be found in a variety of different applications. These are all held to one standard that is made to enforce code on these variety of systems. Thankfully they all share some foundational points that allow us to help make protecting them fairly simple and straightforward.

We hope you'll join us and see the details of making sure these panels are not just protected...but compliant.

Learn about,

  • Important Terms in Surge Protection
  • Surge Protection References in UL 508A
  • Understanding the function of the SPD
  • Critical SPD Ratings
  • SPD sections found in UL508A Standard
  • Typical Control Panel Layout
  • Practical SPD Strategy for your Industrial Control Panel – The Box Concept
  • UL 1449 Certifications

Length: 20 minutes plus Product 101 Trivia Contest for 3 Randomly Selected Attendees

Webinar Series: Product 101 (Twenty Minute Tuesday)

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