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City of West Hollywood invites you to their event

West Hollywood COVID-19 Webinar: Accessing Mediation Services for Commercial Tenants and Landlords

About this event

The City of West Hollywood has partnered with the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to provide mediation services available to commercial tenants and landlords, who are unable to agree upon the terms of the rent repayment, rent owed during the state of emergency, and additional details that may need to be negotiated as a result of the moratorium on commercial evictions. This webinar will provide interested parties information on how to access these mediation services, what to expect through the process, and how it benefits both the landlord and the tenant to willingly participate in the process.

The City of West Hollywood has issued an Emergency Executive Order aimed at assisting businesses and workers and has produced a toolkit for businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis. Information is available on the City's website at www.weho.org/coronavirus where there are links to Small Business Resources. #WeHoStrong

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    Kim Deck On Deck Mediation

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    Tara Worden

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    Genevieve Morrill CEO @ West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

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    Rj Molligan RJ Molligan Law

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    City of West Hollywood City of West Hollywood

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