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Cityzenith invites you to their event

Find out how this tech pioneer has raised over $15m from 6,000+ investors in a top 5 global tech sector

About this event

This industry leader’s AI Digital Twin platform is set to help save $280bn for building owners by 2030, while decarbonizing cities and urban areas.

What else will I learn during this event?

Clean Cities - Clean Future is gathering speed

Los Angeles joins many other major US cities in Cityzenith's ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ initiative, including New York, Phoenix, Orlando and Las Vega​​​​​​​s - with more to come.

​​​​​​​Massive Savings for Cities and Building Owners

A report by ABI Research says the cost benefits alone could be worth $280bn by 2030 by using Digital Twins for more efficient urban planning - according to Ernst & Young, Digital Twin technology is also able to reduce carbon emissions by 50-100%, improve productivity by 20% and cut operating costs by 35% - more updates about our strategic partnerships and institutional interest in scaling our commercial reach as well as our technology stack.

Stellar Track Record & Traction

Cityzenith has raised $15m since inception and will shortly close out a $20m RegA+ crowdfunding raise before moving to institutional and strategic investment, enabling it to add a further 100 cities in the next 3-5 years to its Clean Cities – Clean Future Digital Twin initiative, and is targeting $150 million in revenue per annum within that time span. Founder delivered 17x returns for early investors in his last venture with Sequoia Capital, also named as a top40 global CEO this year.

Groundbreaking Tech Market

Digital Twins – market size of $6.8bn last year and expected to grow to $8.9bn in 2022 – are widely forecast to be the advanced technology that could rescue building owners, by virtually re-modelling and re-designing under-used real estate, plus delivering low-emission plans, before a single dollar is spent on any physical re-purposing.


Clean Cities - Clean Future

Cityzenith creates next-generation software tools for building professionals. Headquartered in Chicago with hubs in New York, London, and New Delhi, the company is the world’s leading urban Digital Twin platform provider.