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Kuneco Community All-Hands

About this webinar

Kuneco means “togetherness” in Esperanto, and this quarterly gathering is a space to foster connectedness, inspire action, and strengthen the spirit around Celo’s mission of prosperity for all. Learn key product updates, hear how Celo is being used around the world, and connect with others in the Celo community. 

Kuneco is also a place to practice the embodiment of the Celo community tenets. In the spirit of starting with a gift, the theme of this Kuneco is humility


Spirit of Celo, Taylor Lahey, cLabs

Special Greeting, Avichal Garg, Electric Capital

Technical Roadmap, Tim Moreton, cLabs

Community Spotlights 

  • YellowCard, Bheki Gumede
  • Grameen, Will Le, Gigi Gatti
  • MugglePay, Shawn Yu

Learnings Discussion, Community

Community Announcements, Community

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    GG G
    Gigi Gatti Grameen Foundation

  • Team member
    PD T
    Phumza Dyani

  • Guest speaker
    AG G
    Avichal Garg Electric Capital

  • Team member
    Taylor Lahey Visual Communication Lead @ cLabs

  • Guest speaker
    TM G
    Tim Moreton cLabs

  • Guest speaker
    SY G
    Shawn Yu MugglePay

  • Team member
    YS T
    Yaliwe Soko

  • Guest speaker
    WL G
    Will Le cLabs

  • Guest speaker
    SS G
    Sebastian Stent YellowCard

  • Guest speaker
    BG G
    Bheki Gumede Yellow Card

Celo Foundation

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone