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Celo Foundation invites you to their event

Kuneco Celo Community Call

About this event

You're invited to join us for our monthly community gathering to celebrate thriving Celo community. Learn the latest in technical updates, community opportunities, and Celo news.

Kuneco means “togetherness” in Esperanto, and this monthly gathering is a space to foster connectedness, inspire action, and strengthen the spirit around Celo’s mission of prosperity for everyone.

Come for the updates, stay for the togetherness.


  • Intro
  • Welcome, Sushi!
  • Projects launched - Hear from Kresko, Humanity Cash, Valora
  • Community announcements - Learn about the Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon, educational opportunities, and the latest with Quicknode.
  • Celo Community Builder Award winner announcement
  • Close

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    Celo Foundation

Celo Foundation

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone