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ClearGov invites you to their webinar

Collaborative Online Budgeting: A Better Approach for a New Reality

About this webinar

Budgets are in flux, and everyone's working remotely. You need tools for efficient online budgeting collaboration.

In this special live webcast, CEO Chris Bullock will show you how to create a budget from start to finish using ClearGov’s easy-to-use cloud-based budgeting platform. You learn how to:

  • Collaborate on every aspect of your annual budget, remotely — from anywhere (any time of day)
  • Work together in real-time with committee members and department heads — in the same shared worksheet
  • Eliminate version control issuesautomatically
  • Easily create multiple budgets based on a variety of what-if scenarios
  • Use the one-click forecasting tool to factor federal grants and other dynamic variables into your plan

The demo should last approximately 30 minutes with Q/A to follow. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your seat!

"Having the budget online eliminates version control issues and lets everyone know where we are in the process. Instead of calling or emailing department heads, I can just go into ClearGov and access all the requests and supporting documentation in one place."
Sean O'Brien – Special Asst to the Finance Director

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    The ClearGov Team ClearGov

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Bullock


ClearGov helps local governments streamline their financial operations while deepening the trust and support of their communities. We do this by providing robust, cloud-based software for efficient municipal budgeting, and clear financial communications.