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ClearGov invites you to their webinar

ClearGov Budgets: The Cure for the Common Spreadsheet

About this webinar

Explore a simpler, less stressful, more efficient way to budget — totally risk free!

For years, civic and district leaders have told us the annual budgeting process is cumbersome, frustrating, and profoundly inefficient. We listened, learned, and developed an affordable, modern budgeting solution that’s a natural extension of our popular transparency platform. 

“Having the budget online eliminates version control issues and lets everyone know where we are in the process. Instead of calling or emailing department heads, I can just go into ClearGov and access all the requests and supporting documentation in one spot.” - Sean O’Brien - Special Asst. to the Fin. Director

In this live webcast, ClearGov CEO Chris Bullock will walk you through the basics and show you how using ClearGov Budgets will revolutionize the way you tackle one of the most important responsibilities you have — managing the annual budget process.

The demo should last approximately 30 minutes with Q/A to follow. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your seat!

Resources: 10 Ways ClearGov Makes Budgeting Easier for Everyone

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  • Guest speaker
    Ryan Wilson Market Development Associate @ ClearGov


ClearGov helps local governments streamline their financial operations while deepening the trust and support of their communities. We do this by providing robust, cloud-based software for efficient municipal budgeting, and clear financial communications.