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Climate Week: What's my carbon footprint?!

About this event

For Climate Week, we'll be hosting a hip and fun session about your personal carbon footprint! (Yes you have one!)

Carbon footprint is just a number like calories.

An apple is 35g of CO2, coffee is 50g, dairy latte is 350g, plant-based latte is 105g. Learn about your your annual footprint, how the country you live in really matters, and reasons why carbon footprint labels are the new nutrition labels! There will be punny songs and pop quizzes, you'll have a blast!

Download our handy pocket guide to get a head start!

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  • Team member
    Petya Miller PR Strategist @ clever carbon

    Petya is passionate about mental, physical, and environmental health. She is a communications strategist, a yoga teacher, and a writer. Her interest in psychology & and sustainability led her to write “Healthy Earth” - an environmental children’s book.

  • Team member
    Mony Sen Marketing Associate @ clever carbon

    Mony is a recent graduate in marketing from Hult International Business School in London. She has had three years experience in content marketing and event management, and has worked in industries such as software technology, real estate (co-working and event space), and non-profit organisation.

  • Team member
    Michelle Li Founder @ Clever Carbon

    Michelle launched her career in Silicon Valley where she worked for some of the biggest names in tech including Jawbone, Salesforce, and DocuSign. A TEDx and Dreamforce speaker, Michelle is able to capture audiences and break down complex matters into digestible and delightful sound bites.

clever carbon

Raising carbon footprint literacy in a hip and fun way!

Our goal at clever carbon is to teach people about their carbon footprint in a hip, modern, and relatable way. Ultimately, we want to enable #clevercarbondecisions for all. Take our 2 min hip and fun carbon footprint quiz! https://clevercarbon.io/quiz/