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Future-Proofing Recruitment: The Role of CRM Amid Economic Challenges

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In a business climate marked by economic fluctuations and skill shortages, the role of Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) in recruitment has never been more crucial. 

In this webinar, Carl Hoffmann and Sven Elbert will unpack how talent acquisition teams can leverage CRM tools to mitigate the impacts of economic uncertainty on talent acquisition, enhance employer value propositions, and maintain a competitive edge in talent sourcing.

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  • Guest speaker
    Sven Elbert Lead Analyst for Talent Acquisition @ Fosway Group

    Sven Elbert is a Senior Analyst in the HCM and Talent practice for Fosway Group, focused primarily on Cloud HR, talent management and talent acquisition. His career in the HR industry spans two decades, with the practical levels experience and expertise that give Fosway’s analysts a unique position in the market. Sven’s role includes gathering up-to-the-minute insights from corporate HR buyers, vendors and investors, and distilling these into Fosway’s ongoing research agenda.

  • Team member
    Carl Hoffmann