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CLEVY invites you to their event

Build and deploy a customer satisfaction Chatbot in 45min

About this event


Bastien is Co-founder and COO at Clevy.io. Clevy is the leading chatbot company in France with clients such as Danone, AXA, Cap Gemini and ministries. Clevy is also editor of CSML, the first programming language dedicated to building conversational experiences for chatbots, voicebots, callbots.

During this live coding Webinar, Bastien will code a Customer satisfaction chatbot from scratch and deploy it at scale on Facebook Messenger within 45 minutes.

The goal is to show how CSML can help you save some time developing custom chatbots as it already does for hundreds of developers.

During this webinar we will talk about:

* Lightning fast API integrations

* 1click deployment

* Out of the box chatbot memory

* Infinite scalability

* Your questions !

Hosted by

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    François Falala-Sechet CTO @ Clevy

  • Team member
    Bastien Botella COO @ Clevy

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    DG T
    Daneila Gomez Communication Manager @ Clevy